Services & Prices

Air Condition is available 1/6-30/9 between 15:00-09:00 Free of Charge. The hotel has centrally controlled air condition system (23-26 degrees in room/apartment). There is no heating in the apartments.  

Day Use of apartment on departure day 50,00 euro + tax 3,00 euro. Please, ask Help Desk as soon as possible due to limited availability. If you keep your own apartment as Day Use room, there will not be any cleaning on that day. 

Extra cleaning per day (including towels & linen) 35,00 euro

Extra change of towels & linen 10,00 euro  

Baby push chair rental 4,50 euro/day 25,00 euro/week (can be rented out for a child up to 15kg) 

Baby cot rental 4,00 euro/day 20,00 euro/week
Baby chair rental 3,00 euro/day 16,00 euro/week

Baby sitter rental 3,00 euro/day 16,00 euro/week
Nursery table rental 2,50 euro/day 15,00 euro/week

Lollo & Bernie Bambino Package Medium 48,00 euro/week

Lollo & Bernie Bambino Package Large 80,00 euro/week

Sun Bed for your terrace 20,00 euro/week 

Use of public washing machine & wash powder 5,00 euro (reserve time at Help Desk) 

Iron & iron board 3,00 euro/day 15,00 euro/week

Safety Locker on departure day (limited availability) 
Small 2,00 euro
Big 3,00 euro

Mini golf balls 3,10 euro
Tennis racket 1,50 euro

Sunbed at the Beach 4,50 euro

Currency Exchange service is available at our Help Desk, here you will also find the current exchange rates.

Taxes and fees
The Greek authorities levy a tax on hotel stays. This tax varies according to official hotel category and length of stay, and must be paid before departure by cash.
The following tax rates apply per room night: 

Hotel/apartment with official category 5 stars: 4 euro

Hotel/apartment with official category 4 stars: 3 euro

Hotel/apartment with official category 3 stars: 1.50 euro 

Hotel/apartment with official category 1-2 stars: 0.5 euro

When booking a day use apartment at departure the above tax (3 euro) will be charged as well. Note that the Tour Operators classification of the hotel may differ from the official category, which is the basis of this tax.